Council Chambers
2021 Division Road N
Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2Y9
Members of Council
  • Mayor Nelson Santos
  • Deputy Mayor Gord Queen
  • Councillor Kimberly DeYong
  • Councillor Tony Gaffan
  • Councillor Laura Lucier
  • Councillor Thomas Neufeld
  • Councillor Larry Patterson
  • R. Wyma, Director of Community and Development Services
  • Test User
Members of Administration
  • R. Brown, Manager of Planning Services
  • J. Galea, Human Resources Manager
  • S. Kitchen, Acting Clerk
  • R. McLeod, Director of Financial & IT Services
  • A. Plancke, Director of Infrastructure & Engineering
  • R. Baines, Deputy Clerk - Administrative Services
  • J. Norton, CAO
  • J. Quennell, Fire Chief
  • Susan Hirota

Chairman Queen called the Committee Meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. Members of the Committee participated in the meeting through video conferencing technology from remote locations.

Chair Queen reminded the Committee that any declaration is to be made prior to any item being discussed and to identify the nature of the conflict, if any, as the agenda items come forward.

Councillor DeYong declared a pecuniary interest with respect to Item F-1. The Councillor's interest was fully disclosed in closed session.

Chairman Queen welcomed Town Clerk Paula Parker to the Town of Kingsville team.

R. Brown, Manager of Planning Services

RE: Proposed Telecommunications Tower--Part of Lot 280, Concession STR, Vacant Land East Side of County Road 23

Mr. Brown presented his Report dated October 12, 2021 regarding a proposed telecommunications tower installation and a request for a statement of concurrence.

Comments from the Applicant (LandSolutions LP, on behalf of TELUS Communications Inc.):

Brenden Smith, Municipal Affairs Specialist, presented the proposal, the revised site selection process, industry trends, and other information. He stated that the site selected is central to the area requiring additional coverage and network capacity, and will provided enhanced wireless service, including high-speed home and business internet.

Ben van Reekum (Site Acquisition and Municipal Affairs Specialist) was also in attendance. 

Comments from the public:

Elaine Robins, Resident, indicated that many of her questions had been answered, and asked for confirmation of the proposed tower location in relation to her property. Mr. Brown displayed the location of the proposed tower on screen.

Dean Colasanti, 4204 County Road 23, advised that his home is approximately 90 metres from the property line and is most impacted by the proposal. He requested that the tower be relocated 250 metres from his property line to the south east (option 7). Alternatively, he asked that the tower be placed north (i.e. north east or north west) of his house within the 5-acre triangle which he owns, a distance of approximately 50 m from the road. Mr. Colasanti suggested that the location would be in the centre of the search ring, would be more accessible, and the existing trees provide a natural buffer. 

  • COTW9-2021
    Moved byMayor Nelson Santos
    Seconded byCouncillor Larry Patterson

    That the Committee direct that TELUS Communications Inc. explore the options further as proposed by Mr. Colasanti and bring the information back to Council at a future Regular Meeting.


The Director of Infrastructure and Engineering presented the draft Infrastructure and Engineering Services Lighting Guideline Policy, indicating that he is seeking feedback and input.  

The Committee provided feedback and comments for the Director's consideration and review, and indicated the draft policy is a good first step in the process. The Committee commented as well that a by-law was requested to be brought forward by Administration regarding outdoor illumination encompassing best practices as utilized in other municipalities. Director Plancke agreed that a lighting by-law would address existing outdoor lighting, enforcement, and other factors, having in mind existing staffing limitations. Administration will provide an update on the original Council Motion in this matter passed in 2020.

The Director of Financial and IT Services presented his report, and members provided feedback and comment.  A revised and more fulsome report will be brought back to Council at a Regular Meeting for review and consideration. 

  • COTW10-2021
    Moved byCouncillor Thomas Neufeld
    Seconded byMayor Nelson Santos

    That the Committee receives the Report of Director McLeod RE: Allocation of Safe Restart (COVID-19) Funding.


    4.   Bicycle Rack Placement at Carnegie Arts and Visitor Centre

    The Director of Community and Development Services confirmed that the bicycle rack that had been hit by a car was replaced at the same location. Further, the Director noted that staff would look to further paint the area around the bike racks green which is consistent with cycling infrastructure.

The CAO presented his Information Report to the Committee of the Whole through a slide presentation entitled CAO Update and Fall Agenda for the Senior Management Team', dated October 18, 2021.


  • COTW11-2021
    Moved byCouncillor Larry Patterson
    Seconded byCouncillor Kimberly DeYong

    That the Committee receives the Information Report as presented by the CAO.

  • COTW12-2021
    Moved byCouncillor Laura Lucier
    Seconded byCouncillor Tony Gaffan

    That the Committee adopts the Committee of the Whole Minutes dated September 20, 2021 and the Committee of the Whole Closed Session Minutes dated September 20, 2021.



  1. Councillor Lucier inquired about placement of additional garbage / recycling bins for use by residents and visitors.
  2. Councillor Lucier inquired about a late penalty in connection with construction projects that involve significant traffic disruption. Councillor Neufeld also mentioned the requirement for accessible routes during construction at the cost of the contractor.
  3. Councillor Lucier inquired about the status of the 183 Main St. East  Appeals. This matter will be addressed in Closed Session this evening. 
  4. Councillor Gaffan inquired about affordable/attainable housing and whether the Town's official plan would allow smaller building lots for the construction of single family homes on smaller lot sizes. Councillor Neufeld suggested the smaller lot sizes might be best suited for entire developments/streets. Councillor DeYong noted that availability of rental housing is also important.
  5. Councillor Gaffan inquired about the impact of potential Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assessment increases due to rising property values.

Members of the Senior Management Team responded to the Committee's inquiries.

In light of a Committee Question brought forward earlier in the evening, the Town Clerk asked for the Committee's consideration of an additional item for the closed session Agenda [see item (ii) below]. The Town Clerk also asked for the Committee's indulgence with respect to splitting Item (i) into two sections: (a) employee vaccination (general, excluding firefighters); and (b) employee vaccination (firefighters), having in mind the declaration of interest made by Councillor DeYong earlier in the evening.

At 9:00 p.m., pursuant to Subsection 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, the Committee entered into Closed Session to address the following items:

i) Subsection 239(2)(b) [personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal employees] and Subsection 239(2)(f) [advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose]

RE:  a) Employee vaccination (general) and

b) Employee vaccination (firefighters); and

ii) Subsection 239(2)(f) [advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose] RE: 183 Main St. East.  

The Town Clerk advised that there would not be a rising report this evening, and therefore the public portion of this Meeting was adjourned at 9:01 p.m. 

The open session of this Meeting was adjourned at 9:01 p.m.