Meeting #:
Council Chambers
2021 Division Road N
Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2Y9
Members of Council
  • Mayor Nelson Santos
  • Deputy Mayor Gord Queen
  • Councillor Tony Gaffan
  • Councillor Thomas Neufeld
  • Councillor Larry Patterson
  • Councillor Kimberly DeYong
  • Councillor Laura Lucier
Members of Administration
  • J. Astrologo, Director of Corporate Services
  • R. Brown, Manager of Planning Services
  • M. Durocher, Parks & Recreation Program Manager
  • J. Galea, Human Resources Manager
  • T. Del Greco, Municipal Services Manager
  • S. Kitchen, Deputy Clerk-Council Services
  • S. Martinho, Public Works Manager
  • R. McLeod, Director of Financial Services
  • C. Parsons, Fire Chief
  • A. Plancke, Director of Municipal Services
  • P. Valore, Chief Building Official
  • P. Van Mierlo-West, CAO

Director of  Corporate Services/Clerk Jennifer Astrologo called the Inaugural Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Director Astrologo asked those present to stand and observe a moment of silence and reflection to be followed by the playing of O'Canada.

CAO P. Van Mierlo-West welcomed the 2018-2022 Council Elect and indicated that she is looking forward to working with the new Council during this upcoming Council term.

Director Astrologo administered the prescribed Declaration of Elected Office under Section 232 of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, to Mayor Nelson Santos, who signed the same before her.

Director Astrologo administered the Declaration of Office to Deputy Mayor Gord Queen, who signed the same before her.

Director Astrologo administered the Declaration of Office collectively to Councillors Kimberly DeYong, Tony Gaffan, Laura Lucier, Thomas Neufeld and Larry Patterson, who each signed their respective Declaration of Office before her.

Mayor Santos assumed the Chair as Head of Council.

Mayor Santos, Deputy Mayor Queen and each member of Council expressed thanks to their respective families and friends and the residents of this community.

  • 654-2018
    Moved byCouncillor Larry Patterson
    Seconded byCouncillor Tony Gaffan

    That Council adjourn this Inaugural Meeting of Council at 7:18 p.m.

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